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Lili-Mai (Chapter One)

Hiraeth Turned Salty in the Pharynx

They rolled hiraeth around their mouth like needles;

earmarked it for an allied nation to

conceal in homesickness, misconstruing

a weight that tears at the ligaments of our tongue.

French Translation

Ils ont enroulé Hiraeth sur leur bouche comme des épines ;

qui le destinait à une nation alliée pour qu’elle puisse

dissimuler le mal du pays, une mauvaise interprétation

un poids qui déchire les ligaments de notre langue.

A SoundCloud account that I can no longer access or download the content because I’ve forgotten my password. It is still an interesting way to pass half an hour to an hour with a cup of tea and biscuit though.

Short-Term Development Work with Parallel.Cymru was published the 30th of January 2019. It can be viewed here. 

Short-Term Development Work with Parallel.Cymru

It was a cold Autumn afternoon that I met Neil Rowlands, friend and founder of Parallel.Cymru, to discuss an opportunity for short-term development work at Parallel.Cymru. A bisgedi Bourbon and te mochyn later I was yn ddigon ffodus to sign a contract to write an introduction to Welsh poets throughout the centuries. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I am very excited to be supporting the innovative and captivating Parallel.Cymru once more!


Datblygiad Tymor Byr Gweithio gyda Parallel.Cymru

Roedd yn brysur oer yn yr hydref a gwnes i gyfarfod â Neil Rowlands, ffrind a sylfaenydd Parallel.Cymru, i drafod cyfle ar gyfer gwaith datblygu tymor byr yn Parallel.Cymru. Bourbon a bochedi yn ddiweddarach roeddwn i’n ddigon ffodus i arwyddo cytundeb i ysgrifennu cyflwyniad i feirdd Cymreig trwy’r canrifoedd. Dydw i ddim eisiau difetha’r syndod ond rwy’n falch iawn fy mod yn cefnogi’r Parallel.Cymru arloesol a chysurus unwaith eto! Esguswch unrhyw gamgymeriadau. Rwy’n dysgu siarad Cymraeg.


Four poems published in Molly Bloom, Issue 17.

Bilingual representations (Welsh and English) of three articles from The Conversation and one article from The Luxembourg Review by Parallel Cymru with future articles planned.

Visiting poet. Ballygar annual carnival. Ballygar, Ireland. 06.08.2018

Introductory workshop to Welsh poetic forms and metre in the English language. Hosted by People Speak Up, Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli. 15.06.2018

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Soapbox (July 2018). ‘Justice’ Welsh poetic form poem included in Issue 110.

Cheval 11 includes three of my poems (p111).

Two of my poems have been published in this month’s Poetry Wales (July 2018)!

David Greenslade talking on Prynhawn Da (6.32-12.16) in Llanelli (19.06.2018). The Welsh Lady exhibited in Glorious Disgust is featured towards the end of the interview. 


Audio of two of my poems that have been published in The Lonely Crowd 

Issue 9 includes two of my poems (p109).

You can find an essay explaining what influenced the two poems on The Lonely Crowd’s website (

Two poems published in Molly Bloom, Issue 15.

Envoi includes my poem, Burning Down the Field of Trees (p27).

How the Welsh developed their own form of Poetry. 8th March 2017.

How Poets Revived the Story of the Last Welsh Princess of Wales. 4th August 2017.

Dissident Voice- Poetry on Sunday, Our Primordial Nightmare (14th January 2018).

Dissident Voice- Poetry on Sunday, Parasomina (28th January 2018).

Gogoneddus Ych-a-Fi: an exhibition of work by contemporary Surrealists curated by David Greenslade (B Block Gallery Space, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cyncoed Campus, Cardiff; February – April 2018).

Dissident Voice- Poetry on Sunday, The Cunning Little Vixen (28th January 2018).